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Friday 11th October

19:00 Music in the streets: Juanjo Cabillas Calle Zapal
20:00 Music in the streets: Carlos Villoslada Calle Tamarón
22:30 Concert: ERNESTO AURIGNAC Open-air cinema

Saturday 12th October

11:00 – 13:00 Jambá Brass Band Venue to be determined
13:00 Concert: Chiqui Cienfuegos Calle Dctores Sánchez R. – C/Jara
19:00 Music in the streets: Ricci & Pobre Calle Sirena / Calle Sagasta
20:00 Music in the streets: Noe Sakura & Fran Malpica Dúo Calle Zarza / Calle Almadraba
22:30 Concert: ANDALUCÍA BIG BAND Lugar: Open-air cinema

Sunday 13tf October

13:30 Concert: A TRIP TO THE JAZZ Open-air cinema


Ernesto Aurignac

Friday 11 – 22:30h
Where: Summer Cinema (Palacio de las Pilas)

Poema para una nube rosa y tres elefantes mudos
Ernesto Aurignac, alto saxo and composer
Pablo Valero, flute
Julia Candamil, clarinet
Andrea Villalba, cello 
Moisés Sánchez, piano
Nestor Pamblanco, percussions and vibraphone  

For the very first time, Ernesto Aurignac plays his new work at JAZZAHARA. In 2014, when he records his first disc, called “UNO” (Mosquito Records), Aurignac found his sound in his own compositions. Since then, he has not stopped writting and launching Works for big and not so big orchestras and ensembles such as “Annunakis”, “Música para un pez descalzo”, “Plutón”, “Kuva”, “Pablo Picasso’s lovers suite”, “E. Aurignac Strings Ensemble” and more besides.

On this occassion, he will be presenting the world premier of his work “Poema para una nube rosa y tres elefantes mudos”; He has been supported by 5 of the most powerful musicians of the Jazz and classical music scene, among these, the brilliant pianist Moisés P. Sánchez. It is not easy to catalogue the work: the main roots are Jazz and improvisation . Aurignac moves between impresionism, expressionism, the romantic lyricism , contemporary music, latin rythms, Jazz and classical musical. Besides writing the music , Aurignac is an important part of the band as improviser soloist.

Chiqui Cienfuegos

Saturday 12 – 13h
Where: Calle Doctores Sánchez R. – C/Jara (outdoor setting)

Chiqui Cienfuegos, piano
Juan Miguel Guzmán, the bass and double bass
Guillermo Mc Gill, drums, percussion

The pianist from Sevilla Chiqui Cienfuegos features his original Works for piano, doublé bass and drums trio . His music combines flamenco and Jazz.

The trios of Bill Evans, Chick Corea, Brad Mehldau… and the spanish pianists Chano Domínguez, David Peña Dorantes are the greatest references to Chiqui Cienfuegos joined to the great masters of flamenco guitar: Paco de Lucía, Manolo Sanlúcar, Rafael Riqueni, Vicente Amigo… His repertoire is composed of Soleares, Tanguillos, Bulerías, Tangos, etc. All of them in a very personal way. It is a modern and an oldie music which joins traditions and modernity. Fusion music, flamenco and “world music”.

Chiqui Cienfuegos Trío presents an original and elegant show where andalusian music opens to new sounds looking for its new path.

Andalucía Big Band

Saturday 12 – 22:30h
Open-air cinema

Alto Saxophones: Pedro Cortejosa y Xema Espinosa

Tenor saxophones: Javier Ortí Leandro Perpiñán

Baritone Saxophone: Ignacio Guarrochena

Trumpets: Joseba Robles, Lipi Calvo, Alejandra Artiel, Francisco J. Ruiz Pérez
Trombones: Miguel Barrones, A. M. R. Mauro, Jose V. Ortega, Daniel Rodríguez
Piano: Miguel López

Double bass: Javier Delgado

Drums: Nacho Megina
Director: Miguel López

With the presentation of the record “Suite Trafalgar” (Javier Galiana), the “Andalucía Big Band” has confirmed its role as a vehicle to help to the composition of Jazz Bands thanks to the work that every member of the band is currently developping. It is a normal situation where it has joined so many talented artists that are consolidating their position in the national scene. These Works show how close he flamenco and other andalusian artistic creatians are. Performers present a mixed repertoire of improvised musics.

For JAZZAHARA it has been chosen two of the most relevant pieces of the “Suite …” with others musical scores with Galiana’s music, Chano Domínguez and Pedro Cortejosa among others, and the Band conductor, Miguel López, who will direct from the piano. It will be the premiere of some of these scores as a part of the commitment of presenting new own Works.

A trip to Jazz

Sunday 13 – 13: 30h pm
Place: Open-air cinema (Palacio de Pilas)

Artistic director and conductor, Jose Manuel Leal
CAMM Wind Symphony Orchestra
CAMM Teachers Quintet
Coro Gospel
Swing Monkeys

The CAMM The Center for Modern Arts and Music of Malaga, a pioneer and unique institution in Andalusia, not only trains more than 350 students every year but also consolidates itself as one of the most active entities at the musical and cultural level of Andalucía.

Also, a specialized team formed by professional musicians, teachers, managers and producers who work together, offer from CAMM maximum excellence in all their productions. In 2018, he created A trip to Jazz and presented it at the Cervantes Theater inaugurating the 32nd International Jazz Festival of Malaga, with a resounding reception success.

A trip to Jazz is a family concert. A musical journey where voice and music take us through the different soundscapes and times of jazz, one of the most powerful and influential music of the twentieth century: Gospel Choir, Marching Band, Jazz Big Band, Symphony Orchestra, Swing Dancers, Children’s Choir, Jazz Quintet and Singers are the protagonists of this great story.

A production of the CAMM, Center of Modern Arts and Music of Malaga:


Juanjo Cabillas

Conciertos por las esquinas
Thrsday 10th
Guitar: Juan Oliveira

Young and brilliant saxophoniste, since he was a child he has been studying with Professor Pedro Cortejosa. despite his youth, he is a promising young jazz musician in Spain. He has recently presented, at 54 Heineken, “Jazzaldia” Juan José Cabillas with Strings with the Camerata Heisemberg (a shortlist orchestra conduted by Leonardo Moyano). It is based on the Charlie Parker with Strings arragement and other ones of the quartet made up of Juan José Cabillas, Josep Pou, Pupy Domínguez and Brais Lorenzo.

Jambá Brass Band

Jambá is a band which joins trumpets, saxophones, trombones, tuba and percussions to brighten the city streets, the events, the parades and all kind of meetings using a very well selected repertoire with internacionally known themes together with their own compositions.

This Project has been created and conducted by Javier Bermúdez who is also a part of this Band as performer, composer and arranger. The “Brassband” was born on the need of having an “orchestral pasacalle” in Cadiz as there is not anything like them in the whole province. Inspired by the legendary New Orleans «marching bands» they play other music styles as the afrobeat, funk, soul, latin, rock and even flamenco. All of them with very brilliant and sophisticated arrangements.

Carlos Villoslada

Conciertos por las esquinas
Friday 11

Carlos Villoslada (Cádiz, 1998) began his musical studies of percussion at the Manuel de Falla conservatory at ten years of age, but it would end focusing on the battery, studying self-taught. In 2014, course at the School of Modern and Jazz Music of the University of Cádiz.In 2016 he moved to Malaga to study jazz at the Center for Arts and Music Maestro Puyana with the drums Sergio Díaz and Juanma Nieto and the musicians Jose Carra and Quim Ramos.

He has played with important musicians of the national jazz scene like Javier Galiana, Alejandro Tamayo or Alicia Tamariz, in addition to having attended numerous seminars where he has received classes of musicians from the Size of Ralph Moore, Bruce Barth, Ramón Prats, Guillermo McGill or Aron Goldberg

Ricci & Pobre

Conciertos por las esquinas
Saturday 12th

Ricci & Pobre are Martina Mollo (piano and voice) and Carlos Moratalla (guitar and voice), both born on September 16, both virgins, in the horoscopic sense of the word, both in the full exercise of their mental faculties.

From Malaga to Naples they invite us to a musical journey in time and space, a melting pot of beautiful arrangements, reinterpretations and compositions of a new wedge. about/?ref=page_internal

Noe Sakura & Fran Malpica

Conciertos por las esquinas
Saturday 12th

Noelia Sakura and Fran Malpica (graduated at the Music High School of Granada, specializing in classic piano and in musicology by the University of Granada) study at the CAMM ‘Maestros Puyana’. They have participated in the 2nd Price of the “Portón del Jazz Contest” with “Blanca Barranco Band” and they have beEn the winners in 2018 and winners with “Oliva Jazz” (Jaén).

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