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Friday 11th October

10:00 Participant’s accreditation Collection point: Exhibition office (Tent at “Palacio Pilas”)
12:30 – 14:00 Round Table “Studying Jazz in Andalusia. Working as a musician. Author’s Regulations”

In this discussion panel we will have the chance of knowing the options to study Jazz in Andalusia at a national and international level. It will be linked with the reality of musician’s work and with the last legal changes in the regulation.

17:00 Showcase Pedro Cortejosa. Tent of the Exhibition Jazzahara
18:00 Showcase Carlos Cortés Tent of the Exhibition Jazzahara
19:00 Showcase Antonio Lizana. Tent of the Exhibition Jazzahara
19:30 – 20:30 Speed Meeting Tent of the Exhibition Jazzahara

Saturday 12th October

11:00 Showcase Javier Galiana. Tent of the Exhibition Jazzahara
12:00 Showcase Javier Navas. Tent of the Exhibition Jazzahara
12:30 – 14:00 Round Table “Internationalisation process of Andalusian Musicians. How to promote Andalusian Jazz abroad”

In this round table we will discuss about the different ways for an artist/band to gain access to the tours abroad. Where, how and when to take part in the international programmes.

17:00 Showcase Alicia Tamariz. Tent of the Exhibition Jazzahara
18:00 Showcase Enrique Oliver. Tent of the Exhibition Jazzahara
19:00 – 20:00 SpeedMeeting Tent of the Exhibition Jazzahara


Rain Sultanov

Baku Jazz Festival (Bakú, Azerbaiyán)

Jazz saxophonist who has made a huge contribution to the development of jazz culture in Azerbaijan. Not many were able to walk such a turbulent and interesting creative path, rich and full of musical events, as Rain Sultanov. He is a person whose work is always of interest to the world’s experts of high music. Rain’s music carries a lot of sense and leads one to a deep thought.

n 2004 Rain Sultanov became the art director and organizer of the Baku Jazz festival, which he named. Starting that year, the international festival in Baku has been held annually and is the largest jazz event in the country. putting-baku-on-the-jazz-map-rain-sultanov-by-ian-patterson.php?page=1

Edin Zubcevic

Sarajevo Jazz Festival. Secretary of the European Jazz Network.

He is board member of Europe Jazz Network since 2017, co-curator of Jazz Festival Ljubljana since 2018 and lecturer at the Academy of Music in Sarajevo since 2014. Since 1987 he has been writing comments, reviews and essays about music in daily newspaper and magazines, as well as hosted hundreds of shows on various national and independent radio stations. He was a jury member of the European Jazz Prize and a member of Board of directors of Open Society Fund Bosnia-Herzegovina. Business Magazine named him Art Manager of the year in 2000. He is also working as a free-lance PR consultant, artist manager and free-lance writer for international magazines.

Martyna Markowska

Katowice City of Gardens (Poland)

Katowice is the UNESCO Creative City of Music as well as Seville, hence the curiosity for music and the options that Andalusian jazz offers for this Polish programmer. Interested in local local projects that investigate the encounters and creations born of flamenco, jazz and modern creative music in southern Europe.

Sunna Gunnlaugs

Reykjavik Jazz Festival (Iceland). Member of the board of directors of European Jazz Network + founder of FreYjujazz

Sunna is, since 2015, artistic director of the Reykjavík Jazz Festival and director of the Jazz í Salnum concert series at Salurinn Concert Hall in Kópavogur. Since 2018, she has been a board member of the European Jazz Network and, since 2017, she is also the founder of Freyjujazz, the concert series to improve the presence of women in jazz. sunna-gunnlaugs-luca-k%C3%A9zdy-ish

Ulrich Fild

Agent for jazz and ethno music based in Germany and working in different euopean countries

Uli Fild, in his career as a programmer in Germany and other countries in Europe, shows very specific interest in Andalusian jazz. He runs his own jazz agency in Germany where he already represents musicians from Spain such as Daniel Garcia Diego, Gerardo Núñez or the same Antonio Lizana from Cádiz, saxophonist in Germany.

Anna Russkevich

Art Director at Jazz on The Dnieper Festival (Ukraine)

“Jazz on the Dnieper” brings together the main European jazz musicians. The main events of the festival are held on the island Monastyrsky. Anna Russkevych is the art-director and co-producer of this festival in which musicians can attend free workshops at the Mikhail Glinka Conservatory. The program offers jazz of different origins and European styles.

Kauppinen Juhamattiour

Tampere Jazz Happening (Finland)

The Tampere Jazz Happening is one of the strongest in Europe and its line of programming is characterized by its courage in new projects and its commitment to artists of different nationalities, bringing color and variety to its program. The Andalusian Jazz is one of the new lines of interest of Juhamattiour Kauppinen since it fits perfectly into that programming framework.

Matti Austen

Artistic Director in Amersfoort International Jazz Festival.

Rabobank Amersfoort Jazz is a four-day festival that takes place annually in the historic city center of Amersfoort. For four days the city is a stage for World Jazz acts from home and abroad: 350 artists from 20 countries, 80 concerts in 18 locations for around 80,000 visitors. Almost all concerts are free to the public.

The program contains a diverse range of all conceivable styles from jazz, world and fusion, in unique compositions from XS to XL, ranging from traditional, stylistic, virtuoso and high-quality, to progressive, surprising, dynamic, adventurous and pioneering. Regular festival items is World jazz (from a specific country), between others.

Selin Celik

Yeldeğirmeni Spring Jazz Festival (Turquía).

Selin Çelik is a producer, Jazz Festival director and a promoter from Istanbul. She works with Spanish artists such as Rycardo Moreno, Antonio Lizana, Arcángel and Jesus Carmona and also very important jazz figures in the international jazz scene as well. In her role as producer, she works with synergies between Spanish and Turkish artists, in projects such as the “Cenk Erdogan Meets Rycardo Moreno” duo project, she creating cultural bridges from Andalusia to Anatolia built of strings with traditional approaches to melodies combined with a jazz touch on the harmonies. This new dimension consists of music, aesthetics and unexpected experiences will be connecting these two very different, but on some aspects very similar cultures, Turkish and Spanish. yeldegirmenicaz/

Christoph Giese

JazzNacht Zollverein (Germany), musicadomundo (Germany/Lithuania)

Christoph Giese regularly programs in Germany and Lithuania. At present he is especially interested in Andalusian jazz. In fact, in his programs you can already see formations by Andalusian artists such as Antonio Lizana among others. For July/August 2019 he programmed a five concert tour in Lithuania for Antiono Lizana and his band.

Arkady Mitnik

Jazz Photographer and journalist. He established his photographic laboratory in the heart of the life of Ukrainian jazz – the first Jazz Club in Kiev. Moving through cities and countries, Arkady Mitnik has contacts in virtually all of Europe’s notable festivals and clubs: Israel, the Netherlands, Poland, Ukraine, Belgium, enters many other Germany, the United States and many other countries and places, are the House of this international photographer.

Jerzy Batycki

LOTOS Jazz Festival Bielska Zadymka Jazzowa (Polonia)

Lotos is recognized as one of the most important festivals in Poland, and its varied and avant-garde programming does not yet know the aesthetic line of Andalusian jazz. For Jerzy Batycki it is a desired land that his public demands and that he has much to offer for the next editions of LOTOS.

Victor Ovchinnikov

Promoter Leopolis Jazz Fest

Victor Ovchinnikov is the programming manager for Leopolis Jazz Fest, international open-air jazz festival, which has been annually held in June in Lviv (Ukraine) since 2011. Concerts featuring over a hundred world class musicians, performing on three stages in the city’s downtown area, over 100,000 spectators and around 200 accredited press reporters. The Guardian included festival in the list of the best European festivals.

Benjamin Tanguy

Artistic Director Jazz à Vienne

Benjamin Tanguy has worked with Jazz à Vienne since 2010. He started out in charge of the line- up on the Cybèle and Midnight Club stages and events for children. He also coordinates the Jazz Day in France, is project leader for the French RéZZo Focal Jazz à Vienne contest and the Academy. He has been in charge of the festival’s artistic direction since 2016 with three experienced and passionate programmers by his side. He lives for anything that speaks to his heart and feet, is passionate about jazz, enthusiastic about any form of related music (funk, soul, electro, hip-hop, world music etc.), enjoys sharing his passion for music and playing his latest musical discoveries.

Mark van Schaick

Conference programmer of inJazz 

inJazz is the leading jazz networking event in the Netherlands. From 1984 to 2005 he has been a writer and editor of the Dutch music magazine OOR. Afterwards he was editor in chief of the specialized magazines Gitarist, Slagwerkkrant and Interface. With the Dutch collecting society Buma/Stemra he has been a producer of Buma, the magazine for its members. Besides his experience in the field of writing and editing, Mark van Schaick is actively working as a programmer on the New Music Conference during contemporary festival November Music in the city of ‘s-Hertogenbosch.
InJazz is one of the leading jazz networking events in The Netherlands. It is aimed at composers, musicians, clubs, festivals, record labels, agencies and media. InJazz offers conferences and showcases by Dutch artists and dedicates part of the concert programme to selected international artists from the main European jazz festivals.


Pedro Cortejosa

Friday 11th – 17:00 h
Tent of the Jazzahara Exhbition.

His career as a performer has been developed mainly in the sphere of Jazz and the “improvised” musics. His work is an unique and different experience as a result of his conceptual visión, his curiosity and his non- strictly musical search: “Inmediate” songs, improvisation as a song, the experiments with electronic resources, musical composition for a bigger band or his previous work “12 days” where he accepted the challenge of writing a song every day over a period of 12 days. He is a profesor of Saxophone at the “Manuel de Falla School of Music” in Cadiz” where, besides teaching how to play Saxophone, he developpes subjects related to improvisation and creativity.

About Pedro Cortejosa’s career, he has made more than fifty records, ten of them on his belhalf with original compositions, besides the interdisciplinary experiences with poetry, dancing and graphic arts. All of this has led him to collaborate with international musicians such as Perico Sambeat, Kenny Werner, Michael Gibbs, Markku Ounaskari, Elíe Massías o Harris Eisenstadt among others. In 2014, he found “Corleone Creative Music Records”, an editorial line where he includes his own musical production from that moment onwards.

Carlos Cortés

Friday 11th – 18h
Tent of the Jazzahara Exhbition

Multipurpose musician that leads to obtain a musical vision based on the points of union between the different cultures of which he has been a part. Beginning his studies at Cádiz conservatory at an early age, and graduating from the ESMUC in Barcelona, ​​he lived and studied music in England, United States, Brussels, Barcelona, ​​Cuba, Morocco, Senegal and Andalusia, his homeland that´s the reason of the great mix of his musical proposal. The guitar and percussion are his main inspirations apart from dedicating to arrangements for different bands or productions in various recording studios in Spain.

He has played and made recordings with different musical personalities such as Chucho Valdés, Sílvia Pérez Cruz, Javier Mas, Mario Mas, Luis Balaguer, Jorge Rossi, Duquende, Ferran Savall, Feliu Gasull, Enrique Oliver, Ernesto Aurignac or Aleix Tobías among others.

Creativity, it’s main characteristic, added to the freshness and elegant strength of it’s melodies represents the hook of this impressive musical proposal that already enjoys of international recognition.

He is currently finishing his new album in Barcelona that will be released in November 2019.

Antonio Lizana

Viernes 11 – 19h
Tent of the Jazzahara Exhbition.

In 2011 he ended the Jazz Higher Education in the “Musikene- Centro Superior de Música” in the Basque Country and it was there where his own Project was born: “Antonio Lizana Group”. With them he has played in several Jazz Festivals: San Sebastián, Ciclo 1906 Jazz, 365 Jazz Bilbao, Jazzymás Canarias, Sherry Jazz Jerez, Girando Por Salas.

He has been a part of the “Afrodisian Orchestra” de Miguel Blanco (Satierismos 2011) as a saxophonist, arranger and Singer. He also sings and plays saxophone in the last record (winner of a “Best record of Instrumental Latin Jazz”) of the “Afro-latin- jazz Orchestra“ de Arturo O’farrill, based in New York. With this Big Band he has shared the stage with Andy y Jerry González Brothers, Dave Valentin , Papo Vázquez, Pablo Mayor, Cristina Pato, Ximo Tévar, Gregg Agust, among others…

Javier Galiana

Saturday 12th – 11h
Tent of the Jazzahara Exhbition

At first, he starts studying classical music on his own and later, he moved to Barcelona where, after spending a year in the “Taller de Musics”, he joined the first promotion at the “Escuela Superior de Música de Cataluña”. After graduating, he records a live disc with de “Sonora Big Band”, from Cadiz, with his own compositions and arrangements and the participation of artists such as Chano Domínguez or Javier Ruibal.

As a musical director, he starts the discography of “La Canalla” with whom he continues working after the discographical Works. He has also created two bands with musicians from Cadiz which are stll working: “Tomate , trío y cebolla” with whom has a tribute record to “Bola de Nieve” and “Tumbando a Monk”. This last band has two records. He produces the music of two more records of Guillermo Rayo and makes the arrangement of a great part of the Silvia Pérez Cruz show “Entre Cuerdas”, which was presented at de “Festival de Jazz de Donosti”. He writes the “Suite Trafalgar” for his own group and for the “Andalucía Big”, as well as the versión for piano solo “Cadiz dentro de un piano”, with poems of David Monthiel.

Javier Navas

Saturday 12th– 12h
Tent of the Jazzahara Exhbition.

Javier Navas is part of the new generation of Jazz musicians who have become an indisputable leader in this kind of music across the country. Heavily influenced by his education in classical and orchestral percussion, his classicrepertoire is inspired by performers as excellents as Juanjo Guillem, Rafael Gálvez, Belén López, John Bergamo or Leigh H. Stevens. As a Jazz musician, he has learnt from Arturo Serra, Jorge Rossy o Tony Miceli, without forgetting others high profile musicians such as Peter Bernstein, David Kikoski or Steve Grossman.

When he turned to Jazz musician, he began to play with important performes of the current scene, leading his own projects. Javier has shared stage with artists as Enrique Oliver, Phil Wilkinson, Pedro Cortejosa, Julián Sánchez, Bori Albero, Toño Miguel, Fernando Brox, Albert Vila, Borja Barrueta, Javier Galiana, Dani Domínguez, Ernesto Aurignac, Juan Galiardo, Toni Mora, David León, Jose Carra, Ariel Brínguez, Marco Mezquida, Ramón Prats, etc. Nowadays, he is one of the most demanded performers by his versatility and style. He is a vibraphonist constantly developing, who is able to join the classical and technical knowledge of the instrument he plays with the sophisticated and evolutioned language of Jazz and modern musics.

Alicia Tamariz

Saturday 12th -17h
Tent of the Jazzahara Exhbition

She begins to play Jazz in Andalusia with the help of her first teachers: Javier Galiana and Juan Galiardo.

Later on, she keeps studying at the University of Evora (Portugal) and subsequently she starts a personal and musical route along South America, playing in different and wonderful places such as Rio de Janeiro, Belo Horizonte (Brazil), Iguazú (Argentina), La Paz (Bolivia), Quito (Ecuador) or at the very old town of Cusco (Perú), passing magical villages of the Andes Mountains as Vilcabamba.

In 2015 she came back to Spain where she continued her route playing in duo with the valencian guitarist, Pedro Paz, performing with the show producer «El Loco Circo de la Vida» and following musically her father, the great spanish magician Juan Tamariz, along a lot of Theaters and auditóriums, adding scenic experience to her career.

Nowadays she lives in Malaga, where she is an important part of the musical scene and she is also a teacher at the CAMM (Modern Art and Music of Malaga).

Enrique Oliver

Saturday 12th – 18h
Tent of the Jazzahara Exhbition

In 2005, after finishing his studies, he moves into Barcelona where he inmediatley became an active part in the scene, often working in establishments and festivals with other performers as Albert Sanz, Jorge Rossy, Felix Rossy, Jaume Llombart, Albert Bover and Joan Chamorro.

As a leader he debuted recording “Introducing Enrique Oliver quintet” with his own compositions. He was also co-leader of the band “Wild Bunch” with whom he has recorded two discs “Sexy drugs” and “Wild Bunch” and the “Llombart & Oliver” duo with Jaume Llombart with whom he has given more than a hundred of concerts during the last 10 years. His second álbum as a leader “Incerteza” is expected to be recorded in the near future.

He has played in the most important Jazz Festivals of Spain (Barcelona, San Sebastián, Getxo, Madrid, Valencia, Sevilla, Málaga, Granada, etc), in the rest of Europe (Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Netherlands, England, Denmark, Finland, etc.) and in the USA, South America and North Africa.

In 2018 he was selected to participate in Inernational Focusyear in Basel, Switzerland, counting with coachers as Joshua Redman, Kurt Rosenwinkel, Mark Turner, Wolfgang Muthspiel, Guillermo Klein or Dave Holland among others.


“Studying Jazz in Andalusia. Working as a musician. Author’s Regulations”

Friday 11th
12:30H – 14:00H

In this discussion panel we will have the chance of knowing the options to study Jazz in Andalusia at a national and international level. It will be linked with the reality of musician’s work and with the last legal changes in the regulation.

JAVIER GALIANA (Musician. Member of de National Federation of Jazz and improvised musics. ( FMJazz )
TETE LEAL (Director del CAMM, Centro de Artes y Música Moderna de Málaga)

“Internationalisation process of Andalusian Musicians. How to promote Andalusian Jazz abroad”

Saturday 12th
12:30H – 14:00H

In this round table we will discusse about the different ways for an artist/band to gain access to the tours abroad. Where, how and when to take part in the international programmes.

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