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JAZZAHARA is a Jazz Festival that includes a Professional Jazz Meeting. It is the meeting point between Andalusian jazz, its audience and the current circuit of international programmers. It takes place from October 11 to 13 in Zahara de los Atunes, Cádiz.

As Festival it focuses on Andalusian Jazz, fertile artistic terrain in continuous expansion.

As Proffessional Meeting it represents a turning point in andalusian jazz evolution and current music sector in Andalusia: For the first time there is a commercial meeting point of jazz in Andalusia, where internationalization of Andalusian Jazz can be developed as well as expose and debate the hottest aspects of today. This meeting is aimed at composers, musicians, clubs, festivals, record labels, agencies and media.




It’s very interesting for you to participate in JAZZAHARA 2019. During these three days you will have access to andalusian Jazz, participate in panel discussions on current issues and establish direct contact with programmers of festivals and international halls in order to present them your artistic proposal.


Registration is one-person use and includes:

  • belong to the Jazzahara Community
  • attend the conferences
  • attend the showcases
  • Confirm speedmeeting with 3 programmers per day
Price: 10€


We want the andalusian Jazz to keep growing. That’s why we have created a community of national and international professionals who can keep in touch and promote the playing and expansión of the music. Being part of JAZZAHARA COMMUNITY means being added to a database of managers, programmers, musicians and cultural promoters related to Jazz. This is a shared database where all the participants can be in contact with each others.


The commercial area of JAZZAHARA will have two differentiated parts: If your bussiness, community or organization is related to Jazz or music in general and you want to exploit this meeting as a showcase to publicize your firm, you can participate in Jazzahara. On the other hand, we also have a place for you if your want to take advantage of the influx of visitors. For more information about the way to participate as an exhibitor, write


Please select the programmers in order

For statistics, we will not be able to give you the six interviews that you request in 100% of the cases, so we recommend placing in the free text field other names of programmers in order of priority, in case the one you have requested already has the “ full quota ”and you can go to the next one that interests you.


Will i get all the specific speedmeetings that I request, in 100% of the cases?

No. Is possible thant you ask for someone for a speedmeeting and this person has allready no more space for interviews. We recommend to write in your acreditation mail other names of programmers in order of priority, in case the one you have requested has no more space and you can go to the next one you want.

If you do not get the interview with which you are interested, comment that they and they will be the entire Jazzahara event, so maybe you can start a talk outside in parallel, but that is no longer dependent on the organization.

Can I make sure that I will have concerts abroad and close agreements with international programmers?

No. Jazzahara does not guarantee that you will get concerts, what we do is “make the link”, and encourage this to happen, but then each programmer and artist have to meet and close or not concerts between them, independently of Jazzahara.

What happens if I want to show more than one project?

If you want to publicize several groups in which you play or that you represent, you only have to accredit once, you do not have to pay for each project. When you register you pay € 10 of the registration and that price includes everything.

How can I make better use of those 10 minutes with each programmer?

With each programmer you will be 10 minutes, with which the information must be attractive, clear and concise.

We recommend:
Speak English fluently, since none of them speak Spanish.
Bring the discs, pen drive or media that you see fit to deliver your music.
Bring your contact card or similar so they can have your information and review it quietly after the meeting
Be creative as they will be listening to many people.


If you have a Jazz Project and belong to the andalusian music scene, send it to Jazzahara. A professional jury will evaluate the proposals to participate in the next year showcases and hence, play in front of international programmers from different international festivals. It’s an unique opportunity to launch your project.


The deadline for the submission of tenders: : from 14th October to 14th December 2019 Publication of selected projects: 21st February 2020 JAZZAHARA 2020: 11th/13th October 2020.
Publication of selected projects: 21st February 2020.
JAZZAHARA 2020: 11th/13th October 2020.



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